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Let her Sing!
Singing is child’s play and a golden ticket to vocabulary, language and memory acquisition. At Pat’s, our music specialists purposefully and creatively weave songs, stories, rhymes, games, and movement into our curriculum to fuel English and Mandarin proficiency.

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Let her play!
Play is child’s work. Through play, children acquire cognitive, literacy and social skills amongst others, to prepare them for formal school. Come experience the Pat’s difference!

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Let them Laugh!
Laughter is universal. The fact that children start to laugh long before they start to talk shows how essential laughter really is. Find your child’s laughter at Pat’s Schoolhouse!

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Choosing a suitable infant care programme is crucial for your child’s early developmental stages. Here, your little one will receive dedicated care and experience lots of fun. Receive a registration fee waiver* of $588.50 when you enrol your little one today!

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At Pat’s Schoolhouse, we believe in our children’s potential. With them, we embark on a journey of possibilities, making every day meaningful, and full of adventures coloured by imagination.

Adventure is all around

Adventure is all around!

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At Pat’s Schoolhouse, music is purposefully integrated into all learning areas to motivate and stretch children’s imagination. Find out more from our team of talented in-house Music Specialists!

Our personality

Bold, Vivacious, Inspiring.

Courageous and confident to challenge the status quo. Full of life and cheerfulness, to positively impact others. Inspired with ideas and influences to challenge the future.

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Every kid needs a champion.

We’re educators, born to make a difference.

Every child deserves an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.

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Challengers of the future.

Play that matters.

Through play, our children learn soft skills, cultivate positive character values and grow a passion for learning. These form the foundations, that help children learn and understand from preschool and beyond.

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Our Approach

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, the teaching approach for each growth stage are designed to work holistically with the child’s own abilities at that point of their development. But always, the emphasis is on an immersive experience that uses play to teach, and to realise each child’s fullest potential.

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Download activity kits curated by our Pat’s team.

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Get a feel of the Pat’s Schoolhouse difference by downloading these complimentary activity kits that you can do together with your child.