Hear From Our Parents

Through interactions with Elsie, I find her to be very diligent; she would stand in for her teachers in class and in fact, Victoria enjoys attending them. She is also very warm to all the children and often surprises me by addressing each by name… Elsie is also very professional and warm to all parents; always patiently answering all concerns and enquiries… She acts on areas of concerns very swiftly too; eg, sanitising the school immediately following a small outbreak of HFMD.

Cecilia Yee

Parent of Victoria Maria Glass

Like most new parents, we were concerned and nervous at having to leave our daughter in the care of someone else when I returned to work, but Baby Haven’s teachers have made it a lot easier. My daughter Adrina is so happy at daycare every day, being loved by all the wonderful teachers as if she were their own. They are always willing to answer any questions or concerns we have and keep us involved at all times, informing us of milestones Adrina has reached, and continue to show unending enthusiasm for their work and babies. Their energy, dedication, thoughtfulness and professionalism are to be commended. They are a great team and I truly appreciate them all.

Boon Yeow & Joey

Parents of Adrina Tan
Baby Haven

Previously, I sent my 2 kids to many different childcares. I must say I've finally found one that meets all our requirements. We wanted our children to be able to converse in both Mandarin and English and enjoy learning in school. Within a short period of time, I found Tomi, although only 2 years old, understanding a lot of Mandarin even though he does not speak much Mandarin… I can see he's having a lot of fun in school and also learning through play, which is the essence of acquiring knowledge and learning… I'm also very touched that the teachers really care and take good care of him.

Jacelyn Barber

Parent of Tomi Barber
Baby Haven

Last weekend, Jonathan was conversing with his grandpa in Mandarin at a family gathering. I noted that his vocabulary had improved a lot. In the past, he would choose to reply in monosyllables or he would mix English with Mandarin. Hence, I was very happy to see him switching from English (when he was talking to his cousins) to Mandarin effortlessly… Please convey my thanks to his Chinese teachers. They have helped him to open the doors to another culture.

Lynn Kow

Parent of Jonathan Kow

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