Hear From Our Parents

Rachel's years spent at Pat's Schoolhouse have been wonderful and we believe she has enjoyed every day she has spent at school. The attention and care given by her teachers have developed her into a confident young lady with an inquisitive mind that is always hungering for new things. We are sure that Rachel will always carry with her the memories of her early schooling years at Pat's Schoolhouse.

Christopher & Mun Ching

Parents of Rachel & Rebekah

Claymore has been a wonderful and loving second home to Jeanette. I thank the principal and all her teachers who have taken the time, and quite often, beyond the call of duty, to make Jeanette feel special and loved. I am sure Jeanette will always treasure her years at Pat’s Schoolhouse.

Yip Yoke Har

Parent of Jeanette Chan

At home, Lee Shien proclaims herself an Australian (influence of Hi-5) who does not need to learn Chinese. I am not sure what Cao Lao Shi and Chen Lao Shi have done, but they have managed to stoke her interest in Chinese after just 3 weeks. She now comes home and asks for Chinese words to copy!

Mr and Mrs Lee

Parents of Lee Shien

When we enrolled our daughter, Irene, with Pat's Schoolhouse, Irene was almost solely communicating in English and this was a cause of considerable anxiety for us. Hence, we were both surprised and delighted that by the end of the year, Irene had not only made considerable progress in building her foundation in Mandarin but more importantly, she was comfortable and happy with the language. Indeed, we found that she often chose to speak with us in Mandarin instead of English.

Cheong Wing Hong & Ng Lay Hoon

Parents of Irene Cheong

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