Hear From Our Parents

After four months at Pat's Schoolhouse, Ann has made a tremendous improvement in her speech and writing skills but most importantly, she has adopted a positive attitude towards learning. My husband and I are very grateful for all the efforts that you and your teachers have put in. Thank you very much for your love and care for Ann.

Mr & Mrs Tang Kok Heong

Parents of Ann Tang

When my little girl, Beverly, started at Pat's Schoolhouse, she did not understand a word of Mandarin, let alone speak the language. Within half a year, she was able to understand, speak Mandarin in sentences, recite Chinese nursery rhymes and even recognise some simple Chinese characters! This would not have been possible if not for her Chinese teacher. She has helped my child to learn and love her language.

Chan Yen Ling

Parent of Beverly Chan

I am delighted at Jonathan's progress in Playgroup. Being the youngest child in his class, I was rather conservative regarding his ability to settle down on his own amongst children who were physically more developed. But thankfully, I must give credit to the perseverance, patience, support and encouragement of his teachers. The warmth, care and comfort of the environment probably helped him to settle down. Today, I am proud of his independence and emotional confidence when he is on his own.

Daphne Tham

Parent of Jonathan Lee

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