Celebrating Our Achievements - MCYS Innovation Grant

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, developing innovative Early Childhood Education (ECE) practices is our passion, and we continuously seek new and exciting approaches to learning for our children. In addition to providing quality preschool education, the team at Pat’s Schoolhouse pilots many new curriculum practices throughout the year with one common goal - to improve the overall standards of Early Childhood Care and Education in Singapore.

We are delighted to share that Pat’s Schoolhouse Buckley and Pat’s Schoolhouse Whitley have recently received the in-principle approval for The MCYS Innovation Grant (IG) for their innovation projects: Buckley’s Butterfly Bed and Whitley’s Safe and Green Hydroponic Greenhouse.

It is through such innovative projects that we are able remain at the forefront of early childhood education in Singapore and create a world of endless possibilities for our children

Congratulations to both centres – you have done us proud!

More information on The MCYS Innovation Grant can be found at https://app.cdn.gov.sg/MCYSInnovationGrant.aspx