Toddlers learn best when they are engaged in activities that involve their senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Play is thus the main focus of our Toddler programme at Pat’s Schoolhouse.

To ensure they enjoy a kaleidoscope of experiences, our teachers use a wide variety of resources and materials including toys that toddlers can manipulate with pleasing, immediate effects - activity quilts of different textures: attachments that squeak or jingle; rattles; activity bars and soft balls to throw and retrieve. With these, toddlers learn the concept of cause-and-effect and their dexterity and motor development will be enhanced.

As toddlers begin to interact with each other, learning possibilities escalate. They are now ready to experiment with nesting cups, activity boxes, stacking rings, large blocks, and shape-sorters. These toys further develop fine motor skills and introduce relationships between objects. Cloth or board books, especially those with intriguing pictures of faces and familiar objects, will then encourage them to practise object-recognition and instil basic ideas of language.

Based on a thematic approach, older toddlers cover ‘Me, Myself and I’ in Term 1, ‘Animal Parade’ in Term 2, ‘ The Way to Go’ in Term 3 and ‘Food, Glorious Food’ in Term 4. For language, they will learn about Letterland, the characters that live there, their personality and the sounds they make through stories and dramatisation from the start of Term 2. For math, they will explore colours, shapes, one-to-one correspondence, rote-counting through songs and rhymes and other basic fundamentals through a variety of hands-on activities.

At the end of the Toddler year, our toddlers they would have had enriched experiences in music and movement, creative art and craft, cookery, Chinese language arts, early science and discovery, pretend play and dramatisation, early foundational mathematics, physical education and outdoor activities and English language arts.

Low Teacher-Toddler Ratio: 1:6 (MCYS Recommended 1:8)

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