Our Programmes

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, the programmes for each growth stage are designed to work holistically according to our children’s abilities at that point of their development.

Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum

We believe in placing equal emphasis on both Mandarin and English language throughout the interactions with our children. This led to Pat’s Schoolhouse pioneering our renowned Bilingual Immersion Programme.

Both the English and Mandarin language teachers are co-partners in the same classroom at the same time, all the time. This bilingual immersion facilitates language acquisition at a very young age as children are encouraged to interact within context throughout the day. Our children are exposed to a wide range of exciting subjectsincluding Art, History, Geography, Literature, Natural Science and Mathematics – in both languages. This stimulates and challenges our children intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and linguistically which helps to develop important communication and problem-solving skills.

Inquiry-based Approach to Learning

It’s not about what the teacher covers. It’s about what the children discover.

The inquiry approach to learning is based on the belief that children are competent learners who must be actively engaged in the learning cycle of observing, exploring, processing, organising, refining, extending and applying their knowledge within a topic.

It all begins with…

  • Children wondering about something interesting, strange, or intriguing on a curriculum content
  • Thereafter forming questions about it and
  • Pursuing meaningful investigations with teacher’s facilitation to explore the answers.

We believe that this child-led, teacher-guided approach encourages more children’s voices and choices in the learning.