The Pat’s Difference

The Pat’s Difference

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, it is our aspiration to give children a vibrant and memorable childhood, while building a strong foundation which prepares them to become Challengers of the future.

Our Renowned Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum

As the pioneer and trendsetter of the Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum since 1988, we believe learning should be fun, hands-on as well as intellectually challenging.

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, both the English and Mandarin teachers are co-partners in the same classroom, co-owning the holistic development of children under their care. The co-teachers create the teaching plan together to incorporate and deliver themes, subjects and topics in a cohesive and immersive bilingual environment. This arrangement surrounds children with equal amount of exposure to English and Mandarin, facilitating language acquisition at a very young age as they are encouraged to interact within context throughout the day.

Play that matters

Education and our children’s needs are ever-evolving and our team is continuously improving on curriculums and system. Since then, we have added new dimension to our curriculum as enhancement.

Inquiry-Embedded Play Approach

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, we view our children as active, curious and competent learners and have adopted an inquiry-embedded play approach to teaching and learning. This allows children to acquire knowledge, skills and dispositions for holistic development, as well as experience the joy of learning that upholds curiosity, creativity and confidence.

This approach is central to Pat’s philosophy. We believe that play is a natural learning environment for children as it is safe and familiar to them. It begins with children wondering about something interesting, strange or intriguing on a curriculum content, thereafter forming questions about it and pursuing meaningful investigations with teacher’s facilitation to explore the answers.

Subscribing to constructivist approach on play, our approach carefully revolves around planning intentional, meaningful and thought-provoking inquiry-embedded play-based learning experiences to support children’s holistic development.

Think Pat’s, think Music!

Enhanced music-integrated curriculum

Music plays a critical role in child development. Besides promoting the acquisition of motor, language, cognitive and social skills, music improves confidence and instils discipline. At Pat’s Schoolhouse, music is purposefully integrated into all learning areas to motivate and stretch children’s imagination. Our children are exposed to music via songs, stories, rhymes, games, movement and the playing of percussion instruments by our in-house music specialists. With their support, all Pat’s co-teachers are also equipped with basic music skills to help them engage children through music for each and every learning experiences. This presents our children with ample opportunity to create and contribute to group music making in a fun, active and engaging learning environment.