The Pat’s Difference

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, we believe that the impact we make on young minds can empower and encourage them to become Challengers of the Future. We are committed to inspiring every child to be BOLD, VIVACIOUS, and INSPIRING, and an independent thinker who can take on the world one little step at a time.

Pat’s Primary Pillars

The pedagogy at Pat’s Schoolhouse is guided and framed by these five primary pillars conceptualised to prepare children for the global stage in the future world:

21st Century Skillsets

In a fast-changing and increasingly globalised world, it is important for the children of today to develop competencies like Critical and Inventive Thinking, Communications Skills, Collaborative Skills, and more, so they can become effective leaders of tomorrow. With a strong emphasis on a full suite of supplementary programmes, including STEM programmes, Art & Music programmes, Speech & Drama programmes, and other enrichment courses, children can be developed holistically beyond the academics.

Inquiry-Embedded Play Approach

Play-based learning is central to Pat’s philosophy as play time is a demonstration of children’s curiosity and sense of adventure. Through play, children observe, explore, and eventually come to understand the world we live in. In this process, children are naturally inspired to ask, wonder, and form meaningful questions in their minds, promoting critical thinking from young. The Inquiry-Embedded Play Approach revolves around planning intentional, meaningful, and thought-provoking play-based learning experiences to support children’s holistic development.

Relationship-Based Curriculum

Inspired by Magda Gerber’s RIE Philosophy where every child is shown respect through authentic communication that acknowledges their responses, thoughts, and feelings, Pat’s Curriculum has a strong focus on the value of relationships. We recognise children as unique, active meaning makers with their own interests, routines, and preferences, and our educators work closely with them to develop interactions and bonds that are Respectful, Responsive, and Reciprocal. Children who grow in such environments build a secure relationship attachment in which they feel safe to interact with others. This is made possible by our wealth of experienced educators and the small infant-teacher ratio so that educators can effectively observe every child’s communication needs.

Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum

As the pioneer and trendsetter of the Bilingual Immersion Programme for more than 30 years, Pat’s unique, progressive, and all-encompassing Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum is one that integrates internationally-renowned programmes and approaches with the requirements of the educational framework in Singapore. In the classroom, both English and Mandarin language teachers are co-partners to the development of the children under their care. This bilingual immersion facilitates effective language acquisition from young as children are encouraged to interact within context throughout the day.

Self-Aware Eco Mindset

Global sustainability refers to our ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources in the future. This would be especially important for our young, who will grow to inherit the world we live in. At Pat’s, we educate children about their role as future stewards of the earth and challenge them to take concrete steps to care for their environment.  Our programmes are thoughtfully designed to imbue messages about sustainability and caring for the environment throughout the year, be it in our recycling activities, events, or in the reinforcement of daily habits. Our teachers model this behaviour and lead by example with the frequent use of recycled materials in creating teaching resources. This helps to communicate the idea that everyone has a part to play in becoming mindful eco warriors in the 21st century.